Department of Anatomy, Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Physiology

Department of Anatomy, Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Physiology
The foundations of today's department of anatomy, pathological anatomy and pathological physiology were laid back in 1925 as part of the agricultural faculty at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute and was called the department of anatomy and physiology of farm animals. The first head of the department was appointed P.Yu. Rostovtsev. In 1932, two independent departments were created: the Department of Anatomy (head - associate professor V.Yu. Lipatov) and the Department of Physiology (head - P.Yu. Rostovtsev). In subsequent years, the department was led by associate professors Kasum Kambaroglu, Khanum Ragimzade, Jafar Jafarov. In 1934, the Department of Pathological Physiology and Pathological Anatomy was formed, the head of which was A.D.Samedov, and then A.I. Fedorov.

Until 1936, the Department of Anatomy was headed by Associate Professor V.Yu. Lipatov, and the Department of Physiology was headed by Professor D.V. Znamensky. Then these departments were combined and became known as the "Department of Histology and Anatomy of domestic animals", which until 1948 was led by Associate Professor L.M. Chuvatin. In 1948-1953 an independent department of "Anatomy" was headed by associate professor M.A. Aliyev, and in 1953-1955, assistant professor I.A. Abbasov.

In 1955, the Department of Anatomy merged with the Department of "Pathology and Histology", and Professor E.M.Khalilov became its head. In 1968, the department of "Anatomy and Histology of Pets" was organized (the head of the department was Prof. R. B. Rustamov). After the incorporation of the disciplines of physiology and pharmacology into this department in 1970, associate professor Dr.Dzhafarov began to manage it. In subsequent years, the department functioned under various names.

The staff of the department, respectively, the disciplines taught at the department at different periods, carried out valuable scientific research. Associate professors V.Yu. Lipatov and L.M. Chuvatin (1941) studied the skeletal system of horses and cattle, the internal structure of horse nerves, synovial ligaments and pericardial mucous sacs in buffalo, senior lecturer M.M. Aliev (1946) -anatomical features of ligaments in the area of metacarpus of horses and other domestic animals, associate professor Abbasov - comparative and age-related morphology of the eye, as well as the anatomical features of the liver in buffalo and cattle. Professor R.B.Rustamov and his associates (associate professors A.M. Ramazanov and A.N. Babayev) studied the patterns of blood supply to the calf muscle in horses, as well as the arterial blood supply to the neurovascular zones of the muscles of the limbs and pelvic bones, the age-related features of the main buffalo arteries, cattle and sheep. In 1986-1990 the anatomists of the department studied the anatomical features of the arteries of the head of cattle, sheep and zebu.

Along with the research work, the anatomical scientists of the department were closely involved in the creation of textbooks and teaching aids in the Azerbaijani language. A great merit in the teaching of animal anatomy belongs to associate professors M.A. Aliev and I.A. Abbasov, who headed the department in 1948-1953 and 1953-1955, respectively. They were remembered as demanding, competent and highly erudite teachers. I.A. Abbasov in 1958 for the first time in the Azerbaijani language wrote a valuable textbook “Anatomy of Domestic Animals”, which students currently use. The head of the department for many years (1968-2000), Professor R. B. Rustamov, did a great job in the field of creating teaching aids on animal anatomy in the Azerbaijani language: textbooks “Animal Anatomy”, volume two (1962), volume three (1973), Volume Four (1991). Having completed a large in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Professor R. B. Rustamov created his national school of veterinary anatomists. Together with the staff, he provided great initiative and assistance in updating and enriching valuable exhibits of the anatomical museum of the department. Associate Professor A.G. Yusifov studied the histological structure of various organs of the buffalo, the histological structure of the mammary gland of the Azerbaijani zebu and its hybrid with the Caucasian breed. Physiologists H.I. Ragimzade studied the effect of Naftalan oil on the functional state of the digestive system, and A.I. Aliyev studied the function of the digestive system, the dynamics of protein metabolism and its nervous regulation, the physiological adaptation of the zebu and its hybrids to local conditions. Associate Professor R.N. Allahverdiyev did a lot of research to study the effect of the blood serum of irradiated animals on the biochemical parameters of the blood of animals.

In 1991-1992 The department functioned under the name "Anatomy and Histology", in 1993-1997. as the department of "Anatomy, the path of anatomy and histology" (head of the department, professor R.B. Rustamov).

In the past 20 years, path anatomy and pathophysiology have been taught at different departments: "Epizootology, Microbiology, Path Anatomy and Pathophysiology" (1997-2010 - Professor R. A. Kadymov and Associate Professor Z. A. Aleskerov, Head of the Department), "Pharmacies" and “Pharmacies and VSE” (2010-2018 - the head of the department is Associate Professor A.A. Aliyev and Professor M.M. Aliyev), “Anatomy, Pat Anatomy and Pathophysiology” (2018-2020 - Head of the Department Professor A. A. Tagiev).

At one time, the staff of the department V.I. Lamsky and A.I. Fedorov studied the pathogenesis, path anatomy of infectious horse anemia, pathogenesis, path anatomy and diagnosis of animal leptospirosis (A.I. Fedorov). The department studied the etiology, clinic, pathology of anatomy, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sheep’s infectious agalactia common in the 1940-1950s (M.M. Farzaliev, V.I. Lamsky, A.I. Fedorov, E. M.Khalilov, A.G. Kadymov, A.V. Kuliev) as well as listeriosis (Professor E.M.Khalilov). Associate Professor F.I.Namazov studied the age-related histology of the intestines in the fetus of the cows in the maternal body, and then together with Professor E.M.Khalilov they studied the characteristics of the body's reactivity when animals are infected with some invasive diseases. Since 1987, associate professor E.I.Aliyev has been working on the effectiveness of the vaccine strain and immunomorphological evaluation of their L-forms, immunomorphology of buffalo brucellosis, as well as pathological anatomy and immunomorphology of bird pasteurellosis. Professor E.M.Khalilov and associate professor F.I.Namazov, together with the staff of the department, created the original pathological museum, which was subsequently preserved in good condition and supplemented with valuable pathological anatomical exhibits by associate professor E.I. Aliyev. The student of the famous scientist V.V. [full name] in the field of veterinary pathophysiology Pashutin professor N.G.Ushinsky created the first department of pathophysiology in Azerbaijan. Later, this science in Azerbaijan was developed and raised to a new level by professor T.N. Pashaev, a pupil of the school of the famous academician A.A. Bogomolets. At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Professor M.A.Mustafayev and Associate Professor R.N. Allahverdiyev made a great contribution to the development of veterinary pathophysiology in the scientific and educational aspects. The latter is also known for having created in the national language a valuable textbook, teaching aids and teaching materials on veterinary pathophysiology.

Associate Professor D.M. Adigozalova, who teaches zoology, has written valuable textbooks on zoology and the basics of hunting, as well as a considerable number of teaching aids in these disciplines. Associate Professor Khanzade Dzhafarov published a comprehensive textbook on veterinary radiology, which is widely used by students.

Associate Professor Ekhkam Aliyev for the first time in Azerbaijani published a number of valuable textbooks on pathological anatomy, pathological autopsy and forensic veterinary examination and the organization and economics of veterinary medicine.

Since 2018, the department has been functioning as the department of Anatomy, Pathanatomy and Pathophysiology, which is headed by Professor A.A. Tagiyev.

The department teaches more than 20 subjects, including anatomy, histology, zoology, pet hygiene, radiobiology and other necessary biological and veterinary disciplines, for the majority of which the department’s employees have published textbooks, teaching aids, teaching materials, recommendations, training programs, etc.

At the department, as mentioned above, there is a museum of anatomy in which there are more than a thousand valuable and original exhibits that are used in the educational process. The department also has a museum of pathanatomy, in which there are hundreds of valuable pathanatomical exhibits used in the educational process.

The department, which has the material and technical facilities that meet modern requirements, is sufficiently equipped with classrooms, laboratories, the required equipment, training materials, which allow students to take laboratory and practical classes at the required high level.

In different years, the leading teachers of the department were professors A.A. Tagiyev, A.M. Ramazanov, and associate professors D.M. Adygezalova, E.I. Aliyev, H.H. Jafarov. They and others published textbooks, study guides, educational and methodological developments, guidelines, training programs in the amount of over 700 printed pages.

At the department in 4 sections, research is being carried out to study some of the morphological and functional features of farm animals and birds, to determine the effectiveness of various types of medicinal and biologically active substances against animal diseases, and to develop animal hygiene standards. Employees of the department have participated in many scientific conferences, symposia, scientific congresses of international and national importance, and in many projects and trainings, provided, and they are providing scientific and advisory assistance to agricultural enterprises, farms. The teaching staff of the department includes 11 teachers and 6 technical workers. Of these, one (A.A.Tagiyev) is a doctor of sciences, professor, one (A.M.Ramazanov) is a doctor of philosophy, a professor of ADAU, three (D.M. Adygezalova, Kh.Kh. Dzhafarov and E.I. Aliyev ) - doctors of philosophy, associate professors, three (K.A.Kulieva, R.A.Suleymanova, A.S. Mustafayev) senior teachers and three (L.A. Gasanova, G.R.Alverdiev and N.M. Aliyeva) assistants.
Department of Anatomy, Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Physiology


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